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A Territory to Discover

The DMC department of the BHB Hotel specializes in organizing excursions, food and wine tours, guided tours and much more. Collaboration with our local partners allows the organization of unforgettable stays for groups, travellers, holidaymakers and business trips. Unique experiences to discover traditions and secrets of an authentic territory!

Tastings and Dinners in the Cellar

Guests of the BHB Hotel have the opportunity to visit the best PRIMITIVE Wine Cellars, where expert sommeliers guide them through a tasting journey that explores a curated range of fine wines. These sessions not only offer the opportunity to taste wines of exceptional quality, but also provide insights into the history of local viticulture, winemaking techniques and the particularities that make Primitivo a unique wine. The tastings and dinners in the cellar represent an opportunity to experience moments of conviviality and sharing, enriching one's knowledge of our food and wine world in exciting and evocative environments.

Primitivo wine tour with visit to the museum

Visit to the Manduria Producers Cellar, welcomed by multilingual guides in an atmosphere surrounded by inebriating scents preserved by the marvelous nineteenth-century vaults of the structure. Guests can taste and purchase the best labels of Primitivo wine. The itinerary includes a visit to the Primitivo Museum located in the ancient underground cisterns. Visits can be booked directly on the Manduria Producers Winery website:

Saline dei Monaci Nature Reserve

The Saline dei Monaci were once managed by the Benedictine monks of Aversa. They extend for approximately 250,000 square meters close to a stretch of coastal dunes located west of Torre Colimena. Trekking trails, mountain bike routes, bird watching, food and wine tours, guided tours and educational workshops. The excursions are organized with local associations with the availability of tourist guides. The itineraries can also be followed freely by following the signs of the Nature Reserves.

The Eastern Ionian Coast

The BHB Hotel is only 12 km away. from the Ionian Coast with the most beautiful seaside resorts from Punta Prosciutto to Campomarino di Maruggio. Beaches with golden sand and Mediterranean dunes. Biodiversity and extraordinary landscape contexts. The beaches have free access or you can book at bathing establishments equipped with all comforts. For hotel guests, upon request, a shuttle service or car rental is available.

Cycle tourism in the Primitivo Lands

Among Primitivo vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, a rural area that has preserved its identity and authenticity, rich in history and popular traditions. The Territory Associations are experts in organizing bicycle tours, visits to the farm and walks through the vineyards with the possibility of stops for tasting of typical local products. Each experience can be personalized, upon request, according to the needs of BHB Hotel guests.

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Patronal celebrations and festivals

The Salento lights, emblem of the Patronal Festivals of Salento and Valle d'Itria. Every year, all the Municipalities of our territory await the Feast dedicated to the Patron Saint to give life to ancient propitiatory rites and popular celebrations, the streets light up festively and the Visitors, amazed, allow themselves to be carried away by the evocative and enveloping atmospheres. Unique and unmissable experiences for Tourists and Travelers to discover the soul of a Destination.